New Mexico's Pet Resource FALL 2005


Rio Grande Triangle Park, Albuquerque

Howl-o everybody! Rover Reporter here to bring you New Mexico’s latest hot spots for all my canine cohorts and their human friends. Places I recommend will get the “Paws Up” mark and those that aren’t worth a second sniff will get a “Doggy Pile” designation. Our scale is on a 1 to 4 basis with 4 Paws being the best and 4 Piles being the worst.

When it comes to parks, it doesn’t take much to please us dogs: grass to roll around on, other pooches to play with, and fun stuff to climb on. And Río Grande Triangle Park has all that and more!

The recent renovation added a special area for small or timid dogs (or big dogs on a time-out!), a gravelly Stonehenge-type hill perfect for playing hide-and-seek or tag, and winding sidewalks perfect for evening strolls. There‘s still plenty of grass, though, and the shade from the giant cottonwoods keeps it cool even in the hot part of the afternoon.

Water from the fountain was welcome after a strenuous romp, and poop bags were plentiful (which was probably why there was no poop left on the ground). Most dogs brought their own toys, although a few could be found for those tenacious enough to sniff them out. A congenial bunch of folks gather most evenings after work to chat and throw us balls – great stuff!

On my last visit, there were about twenty dogs, from little scruffers to big bass-throated shepherds. And we all had a great time running, being petted, and playing with each other.

Río Grande Triangle Park is fully fenced and has a small intermediate area where leashes can be reattached before heading home. It’s located at Iron and Alcalde SW. The easiest way to get there is to take Lead all the way west until it turns into Alcalde (right by KOB), and you’re there. Parking is close and plentiful. All in all, I give it four paws way up!


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